Tsar Imperial - Our Philosophy

A unique place for a new generation to admire the elegant, to enjoy the fabulous and to discover the fantasy objects originally created exclusively for the Tsars and Tsarinas.

Using only the highest quality materials our timeless and exquisite items are artistically designed and meticulously manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen of modern time. Each piece is created with the particular purpose of bringing joy to its satisfied recipient.

Our company is the leading producer of these exquisite luxury goods, collectables, bridal gifts, table-top gifts and objects d’art that were once available only to the Tsars and Tsarinas and members of the Royal Court.

All items are made of the highest quality materials such as enamel guilloche, finest Limoges porcelain, crystal, semi-precious stone, crystal and bronze and sterling silver, and are finally packed in gorgeous gift boxes. Our items, both elegant and practical, are created in the best traditions of European applied arts and are hand crafted by highly skilled craftsmen and designers. Our products awaken delight and fascination by the brilliance of execution and the balance of materials.