Among the many materials which we employ in the making of our bibelots, are the gemstones: agate, obsidian, rock crystal, jade, lapis-lazuli, ruby, the list is endless. Our selection of hardstone is determined entirely by the most appropriate use for the subject matter and this provides the figures great individuality and stature. Also, we combine these hardstones with precious metals and gems, seamlessly integrating each with the other creating miniature works of art with each figure made. Our animals have the accentuation of particular characteristics of each subject giving them personalities and very distinctive charm.

The carver master starts by drawing the pattern on the rock, and then uses chisels and mallets to remove excess stone. Grooves and designs are made using files and rifflers (files with curved edges). The finished work is then sanded with increasingly fine sandpaper until a glossy finish is achieved.

Hand Carved Gemstone

Hand Carved Gemstone 1a Hand Carved Gemstone 1b Hand Carved Gemstone 1c